Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladyscraper - Pink 12" out now!

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Finally the vinyl edition of ladyscraper's new album is ready to ship. This record is available as both a standard black 12" as well as an "almost pink in the right light if you squint but more red really" special limited edition version that is only available through this site.


side a
nibble the gristle

side b
dueces wild
bring the rain
dead flesh

buy it here


Sunday, June 6, 2010

LADYSCRAPER: PINK digital and vinyl release!

LADYSCRAPER's new release PINK is up for download at the link:

NOIZE:TEK is to release a vinyl edition soon of Part 2 of the release!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


NOT BREATHING! New album comes out APRIL 12!
Preorder the CD now! Prices include postage!
[North American customers are recommended to order direct from http://www.notbreathing.com]

£9 UK
£10 EU
Next up for NOIZE-TEK is a Ladyscraper 12".

NOIZETEK is also proud to present the debut EP from Edinburgh industrial punk duo DEAD ON THE LIVE WIRE. Recorded in the Autumn of last year it features 4 songs which anyone who has seen the band live will be familiar with and can all be heard on their myspace page.

£4 UK
£5 EU

Monday, March 8, 2010

NOT BREATHING "Christy Cores" CD coming soon...

Noize:Tek Records is proud to announce the new CD album from NOT BREATHING, entitled Christy Cores. Release date and pre-orders to be announced soon!

The 9th full album from Dave Wright a.k.a. NOT BREATHING follows his releases on Sublight, Invisible, Terminal Dusk and others, now expanding into more of a full band than before. This new approach give Christy Cores a more stripped down and live feel than previous albums, as well as being possibly his heaviest album yet. Industrialised beats clash with glitched out melodic soundscapes and thick, twisting basslines that have nods to electro and acid as well as elements of rock and noise. This album definitely rewards multiple listenings as well as retaining a rough and ready energy found from any great live band.

1 Current
2 Unicorn Killer
3 The Final Night
4 Beating Klaus Fuchs
5 Shark Roller
6 Cold Front
7 Autumn Chill
8 Raunchy MC. Stabyou
9 Neptunium
10 Qing Ting
11 Wet Wash Twilight
12 Ocelot Caverns


Sunday, January 3, 2010

VIDEO: NOT BREATHING "Beating Klaus Fuchs"

From the upcoming album "christy cores" in 2010...

Friday, January 1, 2010


This is the new Noize:Tek site. More to come in the following weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy.

For those not in the know, discogs.com lists Noize:Tek as:
"Based in Manchester, UK, Noizetek Recordings rose from the ashes of the now defunct Aural Addiction record label. Aural Addiction's one and only release was the first 12” appearance of the now infamous Henry Collins (Shitmat, General Smatbwoy, Kyler) head of the Wrong Music record label. Reaching critical acclaim, including having two tracks played back to back by the late, great John Peel on his Radio One show, Aural Addiction discontinued after a string of local and national club nights. Noizetek was founded by label boss Todd Robinson in 2006 to resurrect what he started with Aural Addiction.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

DOWNLOAD: DJ Faceless Cnut - FREE Mix D/L

DJ Faceless Cnut - 'Beatmatch? It's 4am and I'm not a DJ. Fcuk Off.'
Top International talent "DJ FACELESS CNUT" hits home with a free hour long mix of all his favourite r'n'b and trance shenanigans. Full on synth lines and booty bass with a dash of boyband power. DJ FACELESS CNUT knows his sh*t, but he sure aint a DJ.

Download here:

Tracklisting + Info:
01 Panacea and Alec Empire - Hetzjajd Auf Nazis (Remix)
02 Alec Empire - Hertjajd Auf Nazis
03 Millanese - Iacon
04 The Outside Agency - Kid With The Golden Axe
05 Passenger of Shit - Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit
06 Toecutter - Ode to Brendan Phelan
07 Shizuo - New Kick
08 Lolita Storm - So Bad I Luv Him
09 Noize Punishment - Shit
10 Nasenbluten - Blows t'the Nose (+Dannii gets a fucking bullet)
11 The Berzerker - Back in Aus
12 Alec Empire - Hardcore Gal
13 Duran Duran Duran - Face Blast
14 Emotional Joystick - I got the hits and party jams vol. 35
15 Knifehandchop - Get Yourself Ready
16 Alec Empire - Nobody Gets Out Alive
17 Mental Output - Fuck off Breakcore
18 The Berzerker - Ode to Nash
19 Ultraviolence - Strangled
20 Passenger of Shit - Turds Up Ya Rotten Beef

Total Running Time:
1hr 01 Mins